" Like what?" I countered."There's coffee to be made, there papers to be copied, there's errandsto be run. Each time you do one correctly, you'll ea...n something youneed to be a full time secretary." I'm going to earn what I need?" I replied, almost in disbelief."Yes, you'll earn the desk. You'll earn a computer, but let's not geta head of ourselves just yet. First, you've got to earn a pencil." Earn a pencil?" I replied, growing aroused by the turn of events."Yup, now, to earn that. I was coming to Gujarat and suppose to catch my train from a very small station. It was 11:00 in night and I was completely wet. In hurry, I boarded into wrong compartment. And when I opened the door; I saw a beautiful lady was lying and reading a book. Her sari was up till her knees and I could found that she was so fair and smooth. She saw me and folded her leg into her sari. I felt embarrassed and asked sorry and settled down to front of her seat. I was feeling cold in spite of change of my. My hands kneaded the hills, while my lips made their way to her left nipple. I closed my eyes as I let my tongue play with the hard flesh for more than a minute and then did the same to the other. Meanwhile Aphrodite let her gentle hand run all over my naked body. I let the nipple free with a loud smack and spoke honestly,"My goddess, I want to taste you!"Aphrodite however laughed,"You will have enough time for that later... but first there is something way more important to be done..."I didn't. Yeah, we’re gonna get arrested at some point. I gripped the steering wheeler tighter and went lead foot on the accelerator. “Mark, you need to slow down,” Ellie said calmly. “I, I can’t. I can’t slow down.” I was on the edge of losing it. “Mark, just pull over onto the shoulder or you might lose circulation in your hands from how tight you’re gripping the wheel. Just calm down, we’re fine, alright?” I pressed the break and glided onto the shoulder. Everything that had happened in the last few.

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