We miss 'er." Pause. "Okay, call me when you're ready to go. Luvya! Bye!"She turned to me. "Vicki's on her way."I laughed as I headed for the door. "Y...u know that your aunt is dying to jerk your chain about last night..." And this morning," Kim giggled. "But she can't because Vicki's there." You know it's killing her, though," I laughed. I saw Vicki bouncing up the sidewalk. When she got to me, I scooped her up for kisses. Yes, glad I just showered. We stepped inside the apartment and she. I think I’ll leave the talking to Frances. Are you okay with that, my love?”“You know I am, Reg. I ran the business meeting yesterday, didn’t I?”“And did it well, darling. I shall just shut up.”Frances addressed her host, who was busily pouring tea and checking who took milk and/or sugar.“Mrs Robson, we were a little concerned for Hermione and Jemima.”“You were? In what way, Frances?”“Their future, should they leave our company. Being single women with babies, their chances of good-paying. Leather and rubber, satin and lace. You will never wear panties again. You will do whatever I tell you. I will not ask you to do anything that will harm you. I do love you. But you will resume a more traditional role, that of a loving, subservient wife. You will start taking the same compound that I did, less the DNA altering component, so that you too will secrete the nectar. And then when we are ready we will start addicting the 'right' people. And we will live happily ever. As myroommates the pigs that they are had eaten all the food again. Ilooked over the list again of what they wanted and damn junk food andmicro wave meals again. I thought of making a wager on which onewould have a coronary first and how they could eat so much and stayso thin when I have to diet and starve myself and still cant lose anyweight.At least they have girlfriends, me I'm stuck by myself 5'6" tall and190 I don't think I'm bad looking but women seem to like my roommatesand not me. It's.

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