Desi Maid Noticed The Guy Stroking His Dick

He made me feel so dirty as he eyed all the spunk that covered my body. He smiled and said nothing as he unzipped his trousers, closed the door and be...koned me to the floor.I began to go to work again on my second rod in a row. He was smaller than the first, but I was n heaven as I stroked and rubbed at his cock. I couldnt wait to mix my sticky mess up. God I felt used!Well he wasnt about to disappoint me, as he pulsed in my hand and sprayed gorgeous thick juice into my hair and face. This was. I told him what my husband had built. He laughed and lead me to one almost identical. This he explains is the training area, to shock his cows into being cows. He keeps new ones in this area for a minimum of three months before he starts blending them into the herd. He explained so much more about their ability to blend with public, to go shopping if they wanted, getting health care and all. I was intrigued and turned on and horny as hell all at once. I did ask why the 19 year old is there. He. And then I was finally inside her. It was not unlike a human cunt at first, but then, once I was completely in, her muscles tightened, almost forcing me back out. When she relaxed again, I pressed in once more, and I could feel the tip of my shaft pressing into a barrier which must have been her womb. Then she tightened again and didn't let up, and without even knowing it, I came deep into my ewe's cunt, splashing my foreign seed into her deepest space. Her powerful muscles milked my cock,. I could slightly see nipples thru the dress. I dont think she was wearing a bra!During the car ride, I noticed she kept squirming in her seat. I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. But then a few minutes later, she grabbed my hand and led it up her dress. She wasnt wearing any panties, and as she pushed my hand to her pussy, I immediately felt how wet it was. It was a sloppy mess! I hadnt cum in her the night before, so it wasnt anything running out, that was all her.She said it.

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