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Yet there was something very different going on here. different and strange. fertile valley had drawn the attention of the federal government for a g...od reason – the welfare payments and food stamp allotments to this district were swelling – at an astonishing rate. right along with the population. this trend started over 10 years ago, and i had been sent here to help determine what was responsible for the abnormal explosion. their instinct was that it had to have at least some genetic. “my breath. Your breath. In and out. That’s how we make love to the divine. It’s no different.”Her lips trailed across his jaw, leaving soft, warm kisses toward his ear. “spirit is everywhere. It isn’t up there or out there. It’s in here. In me. In you. Our flesh, joined. One.”His hands tightened on her behind, pressing in deep, making her gasp and moan. At the sound of her pleasure, his cock swelled inside of her.Holly hid her smile against his neck. “but we don’t have to talk about it. We can. Master was so good at surprising and pleasuring me as well getting his own needs met. I withdrew my tongue long enough to make a request. “Master I beg you, please, fuck me hard soon. I am devoted to your cock and live to give you sexual gratification forever”.“Veni? Remember the rules? Do I need to punish you for disobeying?”“I apologize to you Master. I have overstepped my boundaries”. Master’s depraved mind, always at work, had already devised a plan earlier as if knowing I would break a. And before I utter anything, her head moves down and touch it there. Her lips wrap around the grown up part and I cries in pleasure. The warmth of her mouth starts working on my body, so as her tongue all over the foreskin of my hood. Her strokes matches rhythm with my heart beat and my body starts shivering. I feel my mind getting numb and the heart weak enough to respond to anything going right now. All sorrows and grief starts getting vanished from my soul. Every time she breathes, it takes.

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Desi sexx

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