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Marcus gave us a date for the job but said he needed to measure it properly just in case my measurements were wrong! he said he has his mask and glove... and would keep a safe distance, ok that sounds good, when?. he said he would call about 5 after work. Dawn and I sat around for the day just chilling waiting for Marcus to measure our driveway, the phone goes off and it was him, he was outside and could we pop out, I opened the door and there stood a 6'4 black man, I said to Dawn Jesus he's big,. ”He didn’t bother looking back. He simply pulled up his pants and opened the slider door into the house. She watched hopelessly as he walked out. She crossed her hands over her shoulders and curled onto her side. Angry, hot tears leaked down her chin. She finally managed to stand up, picking up her towel and book and heading in. Valentine could hear the shower running. She followed the noise into a large bedroom that she assumed they would be staying in. It was a white-walled, middle. ." No!" came the vehement chorus.Reg shrugged."One thing we could use, lad," Len said. " A set of handcuffs each." OK. Will fix."Len patted him on the shoulder and left. Eleanor moved round behind him and draped her arms round his neck. She kissed the back of his head."We're right, my love," she whispered.Reg nodded. "I know," he murmured, "but they're my mates even though I've been promoted." And, my sweet, brave man, you'd be a hindrance rather than a help if they felt they had to look after. I moved my hand down to her rear end and squeezed her soft round ass cheeks. After a few minutes she moved on top of me. My erection was “trapped” between us. It was nestled along the crack between her pussy lips. Her breasts were pushed firmly against my chest. She began to slide her pelvis up and down lubricating me with her warm juices. I felt a few drops drip down the sides of my horizontal member. It tried it’s best to assumed a vertical status, but the best it could do was push between.

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