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I want to make her cum in my mouth. She throws her head back and is breathing very heavily. My watch alarm starts beeping on my wrist and then I stop ...or a moment. I take my mouth off of her pussy and look at my watch. "We're out of time. We should go now." I tell her. She lifts her head back up and looks down at me still between her legs. "unless you want me to continue?" I ask her.She doesn't say a wordShe doesn't try to get up.She just gives her bottom lip a small bite as she looks at me.Her. Aaj meri kismat khuli hai. Chodne main maza aa jayega bilkul.She : jaldi chod. Bas baatein hi karta rahega ya kuch aur bhi karega.Me : phone pe? Bas phone pe hi karna hai kya.?She : to aur kaha.Me : live.She : paagal ho gaya hai.Me : haan.She : aa ja.Main nikal pada apni kismat banane. 20 minute ki drive ke baad uske ghar pahucha. Usne gate khola. Andar pahuch ke dekhta hu ki wo behad jyada garam ho gayi thi. Tut padi mere upar. Kiss karne laga usko. Aisa lag raha tha jaise main bhi bahut jyada. I was waiting tables at a local family restaurant and too many of the "disgruntled" housewives had complained that I was flirting with their husbands. I wasn't my fault that their husbands looked at me and grabbed my ass each time I passed their tables. The tight jeans and t-shirts we were made to wear as part of our 'uniform' only accentuated what this Latina girl has: big tits and a big ass. I had complained many times to the managers on shift but they told me just to grin and bear it."Maybe. Catherine said "what do you know about these?" I was dumbfounded and Catherine slowly moved the panties from side to side and said "I would hate to think Bobby was the one who masturbated with his own mothers dirty panties. It certainly looks like a mans cum." She held them to her face and remarked "smells like a mans cum too - or should I say a boys cum, and quite a lot of it too."My face was burning as Catherine said "well, was it you who jerked off with my panties and lingerie?" I could only.

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