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’ ‘We’re in the kitchen!’ Betty yelled after hearing their footsteps. ‘We were wondering if you were going to come down,’ Betty grinned s...eing the tiny bikini Tammi had on under the opened terry cloth robe. ‘Hi I’m Bob,’ he said holding out his hand for Ted. ‘I hope you are satisfied with your room.’ Ted grinned. ‘Yes…I uh think it’s great.’ ‘What is that strange smell?’ Tammi asked noticing the older man glancing at her exposed thighs. She glanced at the grey curly hairs on his chest. ‘Do. “-You fucking good for nothing woman!” He screamed, towering over her. Eliza gasped in shock, touching her face. There was blood coming down her nose, and she had hurt her knee falling down. “How dare you talk to me like that!? How dare you speak to me, your husband, about what I should or should not do!”He raised his foot and stomped on her, causing Eliza to scream out in pain.“Who is the one putting food on our table?” Hamden seethed. “Who here has to work extra hours just so we can pay off. Kat and Sean chimed in, too, with their own viewpoints about some of what goes on. They both praised Dave as the real leader of the place despite his protestations.Alice came by for about an hour on a break and sat with the pool group. Several of the people from the other booths had given her gifts hoping she’d wear them or use them in some way in one of the next videos. She held up a Wicked Weasel bathing suit and several very fancy dildos and vibrators that she’d squirreled away in her large. "Good morning, Mistress." Suzanne and I said in tandem. She walked over to the bed and lifted my chin so that my eyes met her dark, glittering pearls. "You were quite impressive last night. Much more capable than I thought. " she said to me. She turned her gaze to Suzanne "you have trained him well, dear. " Thank you, Mistress Ana." She said with a hint of pride in her voice. She took a step back and addressed the both of us. "You have brought me pride. For that, you should have a reward, yes?.

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