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It’s not a spacious as your suite, but its all the hospital budget can afford.” Laughed JC. “Its fine, JC.” JC goes into the bathroom and her wet hair and turns on the hair dryer. As she’s concentrating on her hair, Lem appears in the mirror behind her. “You know, I really like that blonde hair, JC. And the rest of you is pretty damn nice too. Last night was some of the best fuckin I’ve had in a while.” With that, Lem comes up behind JC, reaches around her and unties her robe. He. She’s my friend too! Want me to introduce you?Me: That’d be cool.She called Jen and introduced me to her. Let me tell you about her. She’s wearing a waitress uniform. It’s a blue dress.Amy: Jen. This is my dad, Aafi.Jen: Oh! Nice to meet you, sir.Me: Please! Call me Aafi.Jen: All right, Aafi.Me: So, Jen. How long have you been working here?Jen: Hmm just a couple of weeks. This is my first job ever!Me: Really?Jen: Yes!Me: And do you like it so far?Jen: Sure! It’s a great place to work. I get to. Berryl was 'in trade' although no one thought of it that way as she appeared to do nothing but flit about like any social butterfly of a certain age. Appearances were deceiving, apart from a double life — the one she lived and the one her kin on Sol thought she lived — she supervised her own affairs and kept close hold thereon. Berryl understood the importance of speed of communications. She told 'the children' to go play or something for an hour and then come back. TJ and Ivy went off to do. She chose Victoria. She tip-toed to her bed in her pajamas and curled up into her waiting arms. True to her word, and as hard as it was for her, the captain just held her, tickling her back a little. It was warm, fuzzy, and remarkably comforting for both young ladies. They both fell into a deep, enriching sleep, holding each other like sisters or best friends. Well, maybe best friends who were both hesitant to make the first move. You get the idea. Disciplined, poised, hanging on to.

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