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" The waiter brought champagne, strawberries and oysters. We began to eat. Surfers were already hanging- ten near the beach and provided the diners wi...h entertainment as they ate. Mother bit into a chocolate covered strawberry and moaned. "This is so good...muhhh." I chuckled and sipped my flute of champagne which had a strawberry floating in it, "I don't understand all the strawberries...and oysters for brunch?" Mother laughed, "Why Baby most of these foods are aphrodisiacs. Chocolate,. He stood up and came close to her as he inspected her body with those 34B tits and a magnificent ass and then they started kissing passionately as he moved his hands all around her body from her tits to her nipples pinching them to her ass spanking it and then finally to her pussy touching her clit making Iqra moan.He smiled but continued to rub her clit as he kissed her until he inserted his middle finger inside her and tried to finger fuck me. She was tight as fuck and was moaning. Was she perhaps more human than he thought? The thought she cared enough to become angry, perhaps jealous, was exciting to him when he felt his love for her growing to a new level–the way love seems to grow when we are threatened with the loss of it. When he was getting out of the shower, her heard the apartment door slamming shut. He shook his head, looking around the apartment for her–seeing she’d left. If he ever hated himself before–this was it–the pits–worse than he thought possible. Not. She let out a soft sound, her lips parting in a little ‘o’ that he wanted to kiss but he couldn’t reach her, their respective heights too great a distance to manage it like this. He groaned when she tried to squeeze him through his jeans, his brows knitting together as he found her little clit and once more danced around it. Impatience rode him though, still very much eager from their early morning play and he slid his fingers back, teasing at her entrance. Her legs shuddered and he had to.

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