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I slowly went downward kissing everything that came in between. I saw her cute navel filled with chocolate syrup. My mouth started watering. The syrup...was flowing out of her navel due to her uneven breathing. I dipped my tongue inside and started circling it inside, her breathing increased and she was moaning heavily. I opened the wrapper of the lollipop and placed it’s head on her hot vagina. I started rubbing it there and she was shivering with goosebumps all over her skin.With full force I. She was extremely sexy, and while I was pounding her vagina I really couldn't believe it was actually happening. She was probably a fantasy to the many men that she served at the pub. All that popped in my head while I fucked her into another orgasm. "Jesus Christ! Oh fuck yes! Keep going keep going keep going..." She wrapped her arms around me to brace her body for the climax once again, screaming in my left ear while I nibbled on hers and sucked on her neck. I really wanted to hit it from the. Doris had been so furious when 'Jake' hadpointed out she had gone up two dress sizes in the last year as well asturned into a whining, charmless, sexless bitch. Doris had tried to slapher 'husband', but Amber in Jake's body easily avoided the blow and tookher across 'his' knee and spanked her."I'll get you for this! Just you wait to till the judge hears about yourbrutality!" Prove it, Doris! Nobody will believe it! Everyone knows now nice I am.And I didn't spank you bad enough to leave bruises.. ."I'm Maria...let me go..."The guys laughed."We said we'd treat you nice, that means we'll spit in your ass before fucking it." No!" Her mouth is covered again and the two hands free guys began groping her. One played with her breasts, while the other guy sniffed her cunt and licked it on top of her bikini."Mmm!!!" She struggles, but they noticed how her black bikini bottom is suddenly getting wet."She's getting horny guys..."The guys holding her slowly place her on the ground, and make her.

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