Please Boss, Help Me To Spread My Tight Asshole!

The question that got me into trouble was when she asked me if I had ever hurt someone. She wasn't asking about spanking, or even accidental bruises. ...he was more concerned with hurt feelings or bruised egos.We were chatting with video, and she could see that the answer was 'yes', and she could also see that I didn't want to admit it. She persisted.I tried to explain my reluctance. There were two reasons. First, the woman that I had slighted deserved it, and second, if I told the story. He slides the head up and down, parting my lips. He begins to push in and I have to tell him to stop. "OOH, stop DeSean. That monster you call a cock has made my pussy sore from you fucking me so many times today and I don't think I can take any more".He stares at me and leans closer, placing his lips by my ear and he whispers as his hand again circles my throat and squeezes."Well until you can get used to my cock in your pussy, we will have to find another way for you to make me cum. I guess. We're among friends ... but I guess I'd better wait. I do want you later. I want a really long session with you where we make love for hours, and that cock of yours finds every nook and cranny in every part of my body." She giggled and held my hand up to my face. "Now suck your fingers and savor my flavor. You can have as much of that as you want from now on, and I don't mean just here at the party."That was an invitation I'd have to tell Stacy about.I can't remember much about the eating and. I was dead asleep that night, having finished off a hard day working the evening shift at the warehouse job that I had. I felt my bed partner slip into my bed beside me. I was too tired to pay close attention to who it was and simply assumed it was Shannon.I woke up about four in the morning to find an unknown bed partner, going down on me. Assuming it was Shannon, I pulled her up for a deep-throated kiss and almost immediately realized I was not kissing my roommate.“I’m sorry,” I declared,.

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