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This is Air Force One...”This one is compliments of ukdave‎An Englishman went on a golfing holiday to Spain, after a successful round he gravitate... to his hotel bar where he was served by a gorgeous Spanish girl. They really hit it off and they finished up in his bed where they made passionate love. He reached for the phone and she said “What are you doing?”.He said “I am ringing for a bottle of champagne so that we can celebrate!”She said “Seberiano didn’t!”He said “What did he do?”She said. She smiled with an evil type of grin reached over put her hand on my inner thigh and whispered "how about I thank you in a special way, that we keep between you and I" I looked at her and said..."how is that?" She started rubbing on my cock "I think you know Jamie".... OMG... my mother-n--law is rubbing my dick and I instantly turned hard as fuck! Just sit back, pay attention to the traffic, be quiet and i'll take care of you... she undid my jeans, worked my cock out of my underwear and. Fuck! Fatima! Don’t make a scene,” sighed an exasperated Freddy. “Look. We’re friends, right. Yesterday was just one of those things. Just don’t take it personal.” Fatima took her hand off Freddy’s thigh and wedged it together with her other hand in the expansive comforting flesh between her round knees. Her shoulder-length bob fell forward over her round cheeks and hid her eyes from view. It was actually quite a relief when Ella finally returned from the kitchen carrying a tray with three. McCock took a deep suck on his bulb,"Now, tell me about the yacht," to Polack and to Slow's gurgling chortle "and you stay out of this M'lady." I've got to talk to you about 413 first, Aggy, its important." McCock considered momentarily."Go, but I still want the story on that yacht." The work on 413 is a lifted cleat. Don't know why but I did a Doppler probe – probably for the practice, I got an anomaly that I couldn't put down to that bollard. Took me half a day to locate it but the middle.

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