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As bad as a damaged Janus system was, it was technically not a vital system. Without the Dime Tap, we still had extendable backup ISAH engines. We had...some fuel and an onboard refinery, able to turn any source of hydrogen into NuGas.We were not beyond any hope ever reaching Union space, but without our real engines, it would take over a year to reach the closest Union system, almost 30,000 light-years from our current position. With our engines and energy tap working, a trip of 127 days.. “It’s like we’re attached at the fucking brain!”“Um ... Actually, I picked up because I was about to make a call.”“To me?”“No.”“Aw, and here I thought we had something!” she wailed in disappointment.“Someone’s been drinking!” I sang. “Anyway, what’s up?”“Tell Mom I’m staying at Alice’s overnight.”“Duh.”“What? I could still walk home,” she retorted.“Yeaaaah—no. We wouldn’t find you until April.”“Well I could get home just fine, but we’re all cozied up here with our jams, joints, booze and porn,. He wants your dad to go to work training people to open up the larger regional grocers for us." I don't care about any of that, Kenny, it's boring. Tell me more about Emily. Does she take care of you as well as I did?" Shirley, one of the things I liked best about you, before, was that you listened to what I told you. Em's my girlfriend now. We're very happy together. All you can accomplish is to make it impossible for you and I to be friends. Is that what you want?" No. Will I see you. First fantastic fine lovely long loving nicely naughty night of ebony erotic experiencesOne day I let the dark-skinned youth apply suntan lotion on me and blushingly accepted his suggestive compliments about my bikini-clad body. Unthinkingly, I agreed to let him bring some wine to my cabin that night. When he arrived I barely had time to pour the wine before I felt his first furtative touches. When I did not resist he began boldly caressing me. The black's youth impudence blinded me to my.

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