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Cassandra notices her uncertainty. Softly she talks to the young woman, then Vanessa nods confirming that she is ready.Cassandra tells her to pull dow... her trousers and bend over the teacher's desk. Red-faced with shame she obeys and bends over the teacher's desk revealing her sexy red panties. She has probably stated in the questionnaire that she does not want strokes on her bare bottom.“For your seven penalty points, you will receive fourteen strokes, seven with the wooden ruler and seven. . I'm so sorry!" It's okay.", I said. "Don't worry about it."I couldn't move any faster, so she got a good long look at my hairy butt, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't in any big hurry to pull my pants up. Barbara had the always-annoying habit of busting in unannounced, expecting us to drop everything and deal with her problems. So now she stood paralyzed while I finished, staring her right in the eyes. To my surprise, her eyes changed from urgent hysteria to something different, maybe. Almost immediately I could smell my sex. Next was mytee shirt. She pulled it up and over my head. There I stood in just mypanties in front of her. she took a little step back to look. Usually Iwould be embarrassed to let a new lover see my little tits, but this iswhat she wanted so I just stood there and let her look me over. Then wewere kissing again. Her hands on my back and my butt. She started kissinglower, my neck and the top of my chest, then she kissed my nipple. Weboth moaned. I was. I’m your mom,” she didn’t protest much.“Yes, the hottest mom ever. Can’t we all agree?” Oskar passionately kissed Rose’s cheek.“What are you doing?” she was paralyzed with fear and desire.“Don’t be afraid,” Sonya gently touched Rose’s wrist. “They know what they’re doing. Believe me.”Sonya moved away allowing the boys to surround her sister. Ben gently took his mom by the waist so she could stand up near the edge of the bed, his eager hands immediately slipped in her delicate panties exploring.

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