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"He doesn't argue with me. I can feel his energy fading. Oh dear. I find I am deeply concerned about Nimrod's health, I would sincerely be heart broke... as would Saul."Lean on me," I tell him and let some of my energy flow to him. My emotions and love and understanding. I know he feels it right away because he shivers as my energy mingles with his. We make better progress back to the little cabin. My home too now. I think.When we are back home, I help Nimrod careful in the high backed rocking. The last time I saw him he was a Ronin warrior. He really looked the part, too." More like groanin' warrior, with all that crap on," Bill laughed. "So what brings you down here, of all places?" We're looking for a place to camp for a few days, and a safe place to leave my motor home for anywhere from a week to a couple months," Roger explained. "Bonnie thought from the website that this might have possibilities." Yeah, we can probably work something out, so long as you understand that this is. I kinda liked the taste but wasn’t going to admit it. Taylor again told me to try again. So this time I opened my mouth and licked again. This time instead of Taylor telling me to do better she crouched down, forced my jaw open and shoved the cock into my mouth! I don’t know if realized it until I tried to breath and couldn’t. But as I choked I tried to pull off of it. I did get it almost out of my mouth but just as it was about to fall out, Taylor shoved me back on. I tried again and the same. ”“True. Kara Anne Adams, puppet master,” I chuckled.“Oh, you poor baby. You have sex with two beautiful women who are married to you and love you dearly. You have a free pass to have sex with Elyse and get her pregnant. Twice! And you’re being commanded to eventually take Bethany to Kohler and finally resolve your issues. You had Lyudmila and you’ll have other girls in the future, even if it’s a long time from now. Tell me ONE guy who would object to an arrangement like this! Just one!”“Larry.

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