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Claire definitely did her level best to satisfy and help him, and this was just another wonderful exhibition of her earnest love, as much of a control...freak as it marked her even now. Phil certainly enjoyed this and the darkness as well as roughness, even slapping her ass as directed by Claire, enabled him to feel more powerful than the clowns that he feared so much, much to his relief as he was able to stay hard and keep humping his partner.Everything went well enough so far for Gloria,. First, before you ask, Sally still exists, just simpler, not in her original form. Feeling relieved? Before I explain what has happened to Sally, I want to explain what has happened to me. Unconscious Sally won’t mind my usurping center stage, taking precedence.Second, I’m much cleverer now. My long cherished wish has come true. Too much of a good thing can have consequences. I am now too clever for my own good!Third. The SECRET IS SAFE!Fourth, we moved! To the country. A different country, and. After he was satisfied with it, he walked up behind her, "so does my slave want my dick in her pussy?" He groaned as he ran his finger through her wet pussy lips. Bonnie arched her back, arching her ass up as she moaned, "oh yes master, I want you to pound my pussy hard." Ethan moved his big body to the side of her, so he wasn't blocking the camera, as he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "I think I'm gonna fuck this hole too," he said, spitting on her puckered asshole and rubbing. He stuck hand down the back of pants an rub my arse under my panties. It felt so good as I was so hard and excited now.He lead me to a small bunch of bushes next to a shed and started to kiss me. I reached down and started to rub his hard cock threw his pants. I pulled down my pants so he could see what I was wearing. I then knelt down in front of him and he pulled out his hard cock. It was about 6" cut and for the first time in life I started to suck on a mans cock . I probably wasn't that.

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