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Take ‘gravity,’ for instance. What would that mean to someone who had a pre-Newtonian mindset? It might only mean something of extreme importance....One of great gravity. So, if you talked about the earth’s gravity, the listener might assume the earth is in very serious condition. Which it is, but is not the meaning we assign to the word in that context.And people change the meaning of words, especially in a closed society. My friends and I may say medium rare to describe our favorite doneness of. I knew she blamed his alleged hesitance on me, even if she wouldn't say itoutright. It was patently ridiculous, and she knew they had my blessing,but that didn't stop her from growing even icier. This wasn't the firstirrational grudge she'd held against me, but the driving force behind itwas so absurd I wasn't sure how to defuse the idea."I think you should reconsider before performing that vile trick again,"Beatrice said as I shifted the heavy curtains. I held back a comment abouthow she. I tried not to freak‘Are you sure these will be okay on me?’I pictured myself in them and felt really hot but also embarrassed about how much skin would be revealed.‘Just put em on and I’m sure you’ll look great’We set up in the dunes a few hundred metres up the beach. At this point I realised there would be no change room and that I would have to take all my clothes off to put the bikinis on and all in front of this man I hardly knew. He was very persistent and said I would just have to change. “Oh my god’, he screamed, “That’s just about the hottest thing I’ve ever felt!” “Stick around”, I smiled, “This is only the beginning”. I followed with a spit soaked finger up his anus and then another. “I can’t believe how hot this is”, he exalted. “Are you going to fuck me now?” He asked breathlessly. “Only if you really want it,” I gasped. “Yeah, fuck me you stud! I need to feel you in me!” I was only too happy to oblige. Call me old fashioned if you want, but I like to see him.

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