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It was obvious where Jimmy was heading with the question. The truth was that she had always wanted more children but Jimmy's father was set against it... At 35 years old, she knew that her biological clock was ticking. She turned to Jimmy and laid her head on his chest, looking up at him. "What would you say if I said yes?" she whispered."I would ask who the father would be?" Jimmy answered timidly, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest and his palms beginning to sweat with. I don’t know where would we meet, if it would be private hotel room, car, someone’s apartment, or some club, pub, maybe even on the street… but I do know that time from the moment we meet, until I spread her legs, rip her panties and shove myself balls deep in her greedy, filthy cunt is measured in minutes, probably seconds. I might even surprise her, just by grabbing her in some narrow, secluded place, grabbing her from behind, throwing her to the ground and telling her to keep quiet, because. She came again as she could feel her anus clench and spasm uncontrollably. Tom got to his feet and began to shove his massive cock into her mouth as she laid collapsed onto her side, still on the kitchen island. He forced her head deeper and deeper onto his cock as he used one of his fingers to slowly penetrate her puckered little asshole. As Sara began to squeal the deeper his finger probed, Tom became more dominant and shoved both his cock and finger even deeper into her holes. Suddenly Tom. Her head level with mine, she tilted to one side readying for a kiss. Obligingly I followed suit. Our lips met and began to dock, mine open, hers opening. Expecting her tongue, I was rewarded instead with my own sperm. I didn't pull away, remaining in place until Andi finished emptying her mouth into mine, the mixture of sperm and saliva covering the bottom of my mouth up to the top of my tongue.Whether it was the dope, or the sensual spell Andi had placed on me, I wasn't not disgusted to find.

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