Mature Housewife Fucked By Sasurji

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Maine ek knee length ka white silky gown liya aur kuch red roses with cadburys chocolate usse maine apni gaadi mein chupa liya. Jaise hi mein wahan pa...uncha Shilpa ne kaha itni late kardi aapne jiju aane mein, aur ek hug di. Its feels a great moment for me, usne ek white salwar with white tight leggings pehani thi, wakai mein kafi gajab lag rahi thi. Maine kaha ab surprise k liye samay tho lagega na. Shilpa ne ek sweet si smile di. Kyunki waha uske kafi saare friends’ thei (girls) isliye jyaada. Bent over her desk facing away from the door. If I didn't know better I think I caught her checking to see if I noticed. I also noticed that occasionally a button would be undone on her blouse showing cleavage. She would call me in to look at some paperwork and I couldn't stop myself from catching a glimpse of her red satin bra. The right after the meeting her blouse was done up as normal. Coincidence or was Ms. Mann a flirt. This continued for a time but I just couldn't figure out what. Many nights had passed and I had braved up the courage to make a move on my sister. we were skinny dipping as normal. I would swim close to her, rubbing my tits (which where a cupsize bigger than hers) on her back and then we playfully groped eachother. I had managed to pin my sister against the ladder and I started to caress her tits and rub her nipples. She protested and tried to push me off, but I pushed back and started to kiss her lips. She began to kiss me back and I pinched her nipples. I slowly entered her and she gasped. I slowly started to pick up speed as I went in and out of her, her gasps increasing in both speed and volume. Then with one final thrust, she shook again, and I picked her up, still inside her. I carried her shaking, orgasming, body into a bedroom where I placed her down. I then placed next to her, never leaving her hole the whole time. She moaned and kissed me again, where I then held her smiling as we both fell asleep. Don't you just love dreams? It was.

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