Step Sisters BFF "Please Don't Tell Anyone, We'll Do Anything" S16:E9

He’d seen the photographs from both of her shoots and was paying extra because she hadn’t—yet—been with any other client. He wanted her profes...ional ‘virginity’ apparently. Ella still blushed at the thought. She finished the rest of her martini and then signalled for another. Would that really be her fourth? She was normally such a lightweight but today the drink didn’t seem to be fazing her at all. The shameful thing was that even if the Sheik hadn’t been paying so well, more money than she. Its long smooth shaft rippled with his engorged veins. Its bulbous tip pulsed as it hung above me.I wanted to reach out and grab it. But I was too exhausted to sit up. So I lay there with my arms still to my side. He crawled onto the bed and straddled me. His huge cock swung menacingly above my face. I gulped as I imagined trying to take all of it inside my mouth.“Now, suck my cock like a good little slut.”His voice sounded so different. He was no longer the ‘Sweet Tony’ I had met online. His. A few days later it was one of the few weekdays that Tiffany was left at home alone. Steve was at work and Thomas was off doing no telling what. She had planned her getaway and knew if she was going to do it, she had to go. Tiffany packed what clothes she could and called a cab. She had him take her to the bank where she cleaned out hers and Steve’s account, and then on to the airport where she caught a plane. Flying high above the clouds, Tiffany was thinking, “I made it! I’m finally. He told me he would make sure she would be ready to fuck in about no time so i should show up not later then 4:30So i waited, had some coffe and bought some viagra, along with some lube and a cucumber.At 4:25 i enterd my house, and could hear her moaning from downstair, that was fast.I went to the partyroom and found her lying on the pooltable, while he licked her pussy.I enterd the room and did surprised, when i said "what is going on here?"She went up and looked at me in shock, stumbeling ".

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