This must have been a signal, as she instantly spun around and mounted him. As she rode on top of him, she squeezed her breasts and emitted a soft moa... with an almost child-like whimper. She glanced toward me, and I could see the lust in her eyes."You like riding that big cock, don't you baby?" Derek asked."Mmm, yeah, daddy," Jasmine responded in a little girl voice. I've always found it off-putting when women refer to their lovers as "daddy" while they're getting fucked, but for some reason,. She has other redeeming qualities, however, not the least of which being very submissive. While not volunteering for the more perverse sexual acts, she does allow me to perform them on her, usually while stringently bound, her freedom to protest taken from her. She seems to need that to be taken away, her excuse for submitting to my perversities." That seems to be a mutual agreement. Do you control her outside of the bedroom also?" Michael was curious as to how much latitude he might have with. She clenched onto me tighter. Then I stuck my finger into her pussy and she grabbed my cock. She pulled away and said "WOW! I didn't know you were this big. I knew you were big but not this big." I lean in to start making out again and she pushes me away. She says "My parents aren't home" and then she winked at me. We quickly walked to her house and went upstairs into her room. She tackled me onto her bed and started making out with me again. My hard on was right on her pussy. I stuck my hand. My immediate instinct was to close the curtains, at least a little, but Jay stopped me and said, "Leave them. I wonder how long it would take them to notice if I stripped naked in front of the window?" As I said before, she loves to expose herself and I love to watch her so I immediately agreed and pulled the curtains fully open again. We were on the fourth floor so no one but the builders opposite would be able to witness Jay putting on her own private show. I opened a bottle of wine that.

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