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With a visible effort, he calmed down and started to speak in more reasonable tones."I have orders that say all Vargon ships discovered by Federation ...fficers are to be turned over to the research facility in the Terran System. As officers of the Federation, you are required to carry out those orders, under penalty of death."I thought it over... for all of ten seconds. Then I spoke in very reasonable tones."In that case, Sir, I resign my commission in the Federation, effective immediately." It. Beyond our own people very few would be allowed onto the island to view the harbor for themselves, the numbers would be small and only friendly archaeologists would be invited.All of that was the easy part; the hard part was trying to find a country willing to shelter us. We did have a list of a few but each of them had their own problems with Israel on the top of the list both for location and problems. Argentina was another possibility but their constant sniping at England had us holding back. There is much I want to say, but can't even voice. You let your hand fall from where it had been lazily resting on my back. “I have been ready since the first time I knew you had cum for me while we chatted, knowing you were doing what I wanted, feeling in your words what you were feeling…. I have been ready since I first spurted cum all over that keyboard due to your words, and all the other fucking keyboards you made me mess up and I will be cumming for you, on you and in you today…Yeah I’m. It's sure a'that I am. That boy is love sick now, dished up, m'carrot-topped friend. I slept at his house, in his brother's bed. They have money, m'dear, that bunch, gelt, curtains at the windows, coverin's on the floors. Been trading and fishin' and shipbuildin' for generations. Smuggling too I'm sure. Their home makes m'family's look like a sod-covered bog house, 'n not a very fine one."Anne stared at him, fists on hips. "Billy, my trouble-making love, I assure you that Mr. Philip Wells has.

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