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We’ll see all of you at the gym.”“We love you, Rick.” Both of them whispered to me.Brandy hugged them and they touched and held each other as ...hey whispered and laughed.When we pulled into their drive, Brandy turned to me with tears in her eyes.“I love you, Rick Dalton. I love you for so many reasons and especially for letting me spend this weekend with our friends.”I walked with her to the door and we talked before I left.“I love you too, Brandy. I’d come in but we both know I’d never leave if. 5 good structure body but she was exactly looking like Telugu actress Bhavana damn she was exactly the same I was so surprised her husband started talking to me asking my college name what I am studying etc and he asked weather I go to gym by looking at me I said yes so he said even I wanna join I said ok I will take you to my gym and you can talk and as time went we become a good friends and went to gym daily together and he started to trust me as I behaved good in front of him but I suddenly. Fiona rolled off, sat up and kissed her mother deeply, licking her own cum mixed with her father's sperm from Janet's lips and face. Mother and daughter hugged and kissed one last time, then looked at Jerry, who was sitting beside them striking another enormous hard-on."Wow! You don't get that hard again so quick when you fuck me, you horny bastard!?" Janet teased."Nobody could stay limp watching you two." Jerry smiled."Can you cum again, Daddy?" Fiona asked, innocently."I sure can, baby,". I slip off the end of the bed, pulling down the covers to expose you.Sliding my hands up your legs I softly spread them apart.I like it when you sleep naked, if makes it much easier. I move up and lower my head between your thighs. Kissing your shaved mound.I might even do a little licking and sucking.Spreading your lips with my fingers, opening your pussy.Rubbing and pinching your lips. Kissing softly, and blowing on your exposed clit.Then sliding my fingers deep inside you. As well as teasing.

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