Sofia Ahmad - Pakistani Reporter Leaked By Her Lover

I suppose everybody has some dark secrets in their life, I'm no different. I've done things I'm too ashamed to ever admit to even to myself. This mode...n world holds too many temptations to the young and I'm afraid I fell into most of them.My very first every sexual thrill was knowing my older brother was spying on me, at first, I felt annoyed, even violated, but I came to look forward to seeing his eyes pressed up against the bathroom door jam. In the end, I would deliberately leave the door. I was enjoying his kissing unaware of getting my dress unbuttoned. He removed my dress and now I am sitting on his lap in my bra and panty and pantyhose. He started to press my boobs over the bra. I slowly removed his shirt and crawled my fingers through his slightly hairy chest. I moved away from his lap and kneel before him while he removed his pants and underwear. He started to shag his penis looking at me. I did sexy hip moves, ass shakes and belly dance to seduce him. He was jerking his. “I think I’d prefer Dad, Papa, or Kosey. Father sounds too formal for us.”“Scott, you are now a businessman from Detroit Michigan who is in the Transport industry. You are doing the ground work for trade mission agreed upon by the heads of state for the USA and Western Africa. Jenny is your guide from the Ghanaian government while in Africa, and also happens to be Sula’s Aunt. Sula will be Jenny’s niece who is being treated to a rock concert holiday in Abidjan and Accra to see the European. I turned on the recorder and she watched me carefully. Her big round brown eyes fluttered closed as she took a deep breath and then looked down at me with a smile. “Even you recording just our voices makes me nervous.”“I promise, I will erase it once I write the story.”“Promise?”“Yes, I promise!”“Okay….”She smiled at me and then slowly walked over to me, making certain my eyes never left her and her body. She is over 50 and yes, there are some pounds she would like to lose, but I have always.

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Sofia Hayath

Sofia Hayath

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