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"Very beautiful, Baby, very sexy, don't you think, Victoria?"Victoria reached out and stroked the lace around Cheryl's hip, "Ohh, yes, it looks so goo..., and feels so sensual." Her fingers traced the leg of the teddy down towards Cheryl's crotch. "Mmmm, your skin is so smooth, Cheryl, so silky." Yes, she's smooth all over, Victoria, I think girls are better that way. Stroke her skin, feel how nice it is, how warm and soft."Victoria looked at me, and then back at Cheryl who was blushing furiously. She knows that I was watching her. Every woman knows when someone is watching her for behind. I don’t know how they do it but they know.With every step she made, my dick was getting harder and harder. Just before turning the corner, Jaya stopped and looked back at me with my shorts in her hand and her tongue out. She licked the wet spot on my shorts with her tongue while staring at me.I was mesmerized. She turned around the corner and disappeared. I went into our bedroom to change. While. "Strip," the driver ordered her. "Niggers don't need no clothes. Put 'em in one of them boxes. You'll get 'em back afterwards."She looked around the back of the van. A couple of empty cardboard boxes were on the floor along with a few closed ones. Then she looked back out the door where the driver stood with his hands in his pockets, waiting for her to disrobe. Even though it was so much darker inside the van than outside, she wasn't sure passersby couldn't see her.Resigned to this latest. It didn’t take much effort on his part to pull me to my feet and steer me towards the bed. Mark apparently was on board with this because he removed all his clothes and also positioned to the bed where he laid on his back. Daniel tossed me to the bed and roughly pushed me forward towards Mark. This caused me to land perfectly in the ‘doggy’ position with Mark’s cock right in my face. I picked up where I left off, taking Mark back in my mouth and withstanding his verbal humiliating. I’ve been.

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