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It was a warm, summer day and as I got in the water, the cool water felt just perfect, especially after pedaling into town."Oh, Glen, this feels so go...d. Are their any other fun spots like this?" asked Mia.I was looking at them, distracted by their appearance, as their tops had gone transparent and clingy from being wet and just stared at their breasts so clearly visible in the afternoon sun.They looked at each other, realizing that they basically looked naked from the waist up, screamed and. Have I made myself clear Mr. Kelly? This is a one time thing. I don’t love you. This is only being done so I can go home.” I nodded my head “Yes!” a few times before I inched closer to her next to me.She started to drink the bottle of water with her left hand. I reached up with my right hand to unzip her pink sweat shirt. A second later the material fell open and her huge tits spilled out onto her lap. I reached down with my big right hand landing on her huge right breast. I tried to. I chucked on some clothes and headed over the road thinking of an excuse as to what I can say if they answer the door after I knocked. After a couple of knocks, John arrives at the door in his briefs and a scruffy shirt that he clearly slept in. The size of the bulge in his briefs is just unbelievable, the clear outline of his flaccid uncut cock. I was staring and for far too long. “Guess you couldn’t go without your daily glimpse of me then?” John said, with me still staring in awe. “You think. My hand trembled a bit as I handed the cup to Jill. This was our first test of the “switch-tea”.She seemed a bit nervous as she took a small sip. “Not bad. I could get used to this.”We sat in silence for a while as she finished her tea at the kitchen table. Jill read her paper while I browsed a cooking magazine. “I don’t think it’s working. Maybe I should make another cup” she said.“Said every hippy at the start of his most intense trip ever!” I repliedJill laughed.“Raise your left hand!” I.

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