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But ... how?”Again like when they were first reunited Derrick told Hartwell, “Little Joey close your mouth.” Nodding almost absently Hartwell cl...sed his mouth though he still seemed to be in shock.A moment later Shelby appeared, “Admiral sir, according to official records your name is Joseph.”“Yes and your question?” Hartwell barely managed to get out.“Well sir, Derrick calls you Johnathon or little Joey. May I inquire as to why?” Shelby asked a sweet smile on her face.“Short story, my parents. " Then he handed the deputies his badge and gun and then a twenty, "Take that to the Mayor. Go by the south road and stop at Doc's, tell the clerk you're picking up the Mayor's prescription." Doc's is a liquor store," Jimmy replied."The mayor needs a fifth of Jack every other day. Today he is going to need extra," the sheriff replied.After they turned to leave, the sheriff pulled his backup piece out of his boot and shoved it in his holster. "I want to see a fifteen minute confession."I sent. I was standing between the tables when they came out of the d**gs we had given them. “I’m so glad the two of you are awake, you may not remember me, but you d**gged me, ****d me, k**napped me then sold me to a King, where I was collared and used on a daily basis. Now it is your turn to experience what I have gone through” Both of them immediately denied they had anything to do with what had happened to me, I must be mistaken. They just worked in a bar. Erin had prepared a substance, that once. She tried to focus, tried to concentrate and turn her binary mode on, but she felt nothing. This wasn’t like when the Supreme Intelligence had blocked her power off with a power dampener; then she could feel it behind the technological lock, but couldn’t access it.No, as she plummeted and tumbled out of the sky, she felt absolutely powerless for the first time in decades.She wasn’t Captain Marvel any more, she was just Carol Danvers, and she was a scared girl. Her unmatched strength and her.

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