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62 NATO bullets from Kathy's FAL had also likely ripped through the cheap plastic and thin metal of both cars like flimsy tin foil. We'd counted about...eight gang members conducting this attack and we'd disabled at least half of them, a minimum of two them permanently, but we didn't bother to gloat over that.We admitted firing in direct self-defense and in very real danger of our lives, and that we'd struck at least four of our attackers, but all of them had gotten away. The local and county. He ensured that everyone’s static line was properly connected, and that his or her rigging was correct. “Thirty seconds!” he warned, and their ears popped as the rear cargo hatch cracked open.A thundering roar filled the compartment, assaulting Hollis’ ears through his helmet’s ear protectors. Blue water trailed out below them in the bright sunshine, and dark clouds receded in the distance. A strip of land flashed by under them in a blur of brown, tan, and green, then another, wider strip. Ab mai jor jor se usko shot mar raha tha uski chelane aur mere dakko ki awaj se pura karma gunj raha tha aur wo itnki jor se chila tahi the ki mai aur jor jor se unki gaad ki chudai kar raha tha karib 15 min uski gaad marne ki baa dab mera nekalne wala tha to maine aur jor jor se dakke marna chalu kar deya ab uski gaaad be aur tight hoti ja tahi the aissa lag raha tha ki wo be jadne wali the ..Aur ham donpo ek saath jar gai the mai apna maal uski gaad me kali ho raha tha aur uska maal uski. He grinned. “You sure? You took a while to answer that…”She shook her head as her body slid closer to his. His hand was on her shoulder now and was helping her along. She uncrossed her legs. And his other hand went right for thigh.“I’m sure,” she said.Silver stood up and barked.“The baby’s awake,” Darion whispered to her as their lips began to touch.She smiled at that. “He’s okay.”And they kissed.“That wine,” Brooke exclaimed when she broke free for a moment. “I’m used to hard liquor, but that.

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