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I start at his feet, work my way up his legs, then skip to his hands, then arms, neck, and upper body, finishing with his groin area. His skin feels s...lky smooth under my hands, I could do this all day without getting tired. But that's not why he is here. Reluctantly I remove my hands from his body, and reach for the tray. I take one spoon from each thermos, checking the one from the hot water against the inside of my arm, I don't want to burn him. The spoon is hot, but not too hot, so I get to. .I was jealous as hell, because where he was light, I was dark. Nothing handsome about me. Sixteen years old, five feet seven inches tall. I stay away from things that will tend to hurt me, like sports, and lifting weights. I have to wear glasses, farsighted. I have a short body, so I have to buy pants longer and have them hemmed, I am chunky, not fat, chunky. So girls don't fall all over themselves to get at me. So what.I snuck into the party and several people asked who I was and I said I was. She had a face like Preity Zinta type. The best part of her was her breasts and her ass. Although been on a bit of a short height, she had massive breasts one you can die for. Maximum times she use to wear tight t-shirts because if which her tightness of the boobs use to show out.And fuck, what a cleavage. When she wears a shirt and keeps tops 2 buttons open, all I try to do is peek in very meekly. And fantastic ass, u come to know of its tightness by only seeing the shape of it. Let’s come to. She had been dying to fuck Samfor what felt like ages and each second now felt like an eternity as shewaited."Like, she won't mind if I get started a little early," Kitty thought,moving her hands to her breasts and feeling the pleasure that eruptedfrom her touch. She stifled a small moan as she continued to lose herselfin the sensations.A voice like a whip broke the silence. "Did I tell you, you could touchyourself?" Sam demanded.Kitty stopped immediately and turned over. The vision of Sam.

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