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I told her it would be a bad ideaMy parents would never let me go to a co-ed party. Stephanie insisted that I lie to my parents and trick them into be...ieving that ill be at her soccer practice but then hitch a ride to the party with her older brother. After hours of arguing I gave in and agreed to go as tribute.There was just one problem, I didn't have a swimsuit nor did I have the money to go and buy one. We began our search through Stephanie’s mothers closet to see if we could bum an outfit. “Hey, this will be a quick in and out deal. I know what I want and know exactly where to get it,” I replied.“Ha! You may know what you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it ... at least if I’m going with you,” she seriously said as she gave me a hip-check.“What? You don’t think I can pick out a good blazer?” I countered with shock in my voice.“We’ll see, won’t we,” was the response I got as Shannon side-stepped along next to me with a huge grin on her face.Shannon drove her 280Z over. Tyrone would have introduced you to 'Little Momma' and you could have seen her boobs up close."I no longer had to worry about bear traps. Instead, I was now worrying about wolf traps. I was pretty sure Cheryl was teasing. Pretty sure. But sometimes relationships change with no advance warning after the participants take that final step in the bedroom. That's what happened with Marcia Phelps after I performed her first concert with the pork trombone when we were sixteen. Jokes that made her. .. necessary," she said. "And I'll be fine. Really."With that she looked up with a smile and I knew that somehow, everything would be okay.I kissed her and held her tightly for several minutes, until she finally said now was the time. She pulled off her top to give me easy access to her back, which she'd been taking pains to hide in public otherwise, then walked into the closet. Once inside she reached back and pulled her hair aside, removing the last barrier and baring the only thing set her.

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